PowerWrapper™ Product Line

The PowerWrapper™ product line consists of ultrathin, patternable ultracapacitor  devices with interconnects and packaging designed to make compact energy modules with operating voltages ranging from 2V – 7.8V depending on the desired life time. 
This first generation product implements a limited subset of the technology platform and highlights the packaging innovation developed by the company for this next generation of ultrathin, patternable, ultracapacitors.

Commercial production is planned for 2014 in cloud computing and mobile computing applications, such as wearable electronics and smartphones and tablets. Development samples are now available under the company’s early access program, customized to your project need.  

  • Ultrathin - 0.4 mm
  • Chosen footprint up to 120 x 120 mm
  • ~4.5 Volts and ultralow ESR
  • Capacitance from 150 - 3000 milliFarads

Environmentally friendly product: Ultracapacitor technology uses electrodes composed of high surface area activated carbon, carbon nanotubes or graphene. Paper or other porous polymer separators hold the electrolyte and separate the electrodes. Current collectors, usually aluminum foil, attach to the electrodes and carry the charges in and out. The PowerWrapper™ products do not have the often-toxic heavy metals typically found in batteries and are RoHS compliant.